Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ok these were taken during xmas and boxing day by me when i was bored . . .

Alright lets start with the doggies

ok the puppy
Johnno with puppy
Jessie and puppy sleep. . . .
sleeping part 2 . .

Jesse by herself may she RIP

my close up flower shots in the neighbor's yard and at Johnno's parents place

what we wanted bugs. . . .

well these are the empty shells left from cicadas

Johnno took this picture testing out the lens

This was the bird i was trying to get Uncle Tony to see

so this is a Galah. . .

ok next up will be NYE 2009

Xmas/Boxing day 2009

ok this is prob really late lets start from the pass from Xmas 2009/boxing day
the ones below werent taken by me soooo these are the ones taken from Emily's camera

Mmmmm ham *heart*

Taken by me
thought these to pics were the most exciting part of the day

thats what you get for like playing baseball with regular shoes XD

next is animals /bugs/plants. . coming soon uploading atm taking ages

Monday, June 14, 2010

YoYo am back :P

As you can see from the pics below i dont really have alot of pics of me, mostly cause am the one taking the pics. i think i'll be uploading the nye and the pet/flower/bugs pics soon . . . . and i might update thing more often too :D

Friday, November 21, 2008

Yay. . .

Exams are almost over for Johnno three more days. Then we can ummm go fishing and go to blackbutt again maybe. . Who knows.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another meet up with Jayne and Co.

So this year Jayne came over to Sydney and met up with each other again. This time she brought her sister and her two nephews. So this time we went to the Sydney Aquarium on sept 9, 2008. We almost couldn't fit it into our schedule with the kids time and Johnno's time. But in the end it worked out well . Out of these photos both me and Johnno had the camera.

Croc to the left if you closely . . . yeah its a small one.


Yeah i took alot of pics of these guys. Stole the camera off Johnno and just kept pressing till i got something good . . .

This fish was pose to be blue . . .

Me snapping pictures with my cell phone.

Me and Janye's sister

Turtle posing . . .

Shark meal of the day. . .

Yay something that doesn't move!

Evil kid. . .

look the nose is weird. . .

This reminds me of the turtle i see at chinese markets back home. . . . They use them for soup.

Another thing that doesnt move.

This is where we ate our lunch

While everyone was eatting i was snapping away with my cell.

I like this picture.

It was funny watching the penguins they were waiting for the water to come all the time to surf with it.

Starting from here its my cell photos.

Watching the shark in action.

They were really big.

Another posing picture of the turtle but now its more up in the water.

Chilling penguins

Big crab. . . .