Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ok these were taken during xmas and boxing day by me when i was bored . . .

Alright lets start with the doggies

ok the puppy
Johnno with puppy
Jessie and puppy sleep. . . .
sleeping part 2 . .

Jesse by herself may she RIP

my close up flower shots in the neighbor's yard and at Johnno's parents place

what we wanted bugs. . . .

well these are the empty shells left from cicadas

Johnno took this picture testing out the lens

This was the bird i was trying to get Uncle Tony to see

so this is a Galah. . .

ok next up will be NYE 2009

Xmas/Boxing day 2009

ok this is prob really late lets start from the pass from Xmas 2009/boxing day
the ones below werent taken by me soooo these are the ones taken from Emily's camera

Mmmmm ham *heart*

Taken by me
thought these to pics were the most exciting part of the day

thats what you get for like playing baseball with regular shoes XD

next is animals /bugs/plants. . coming soon uploading atm taking ages

Monday, June 14, 2010

YoYo am back :P

As you can see from the pics below i dont really have alot of pics of me, mostly cause am the one taking the pics. i think i'll be uploading the nye and the pet/flower/bugs pics soon . . . . and i might update thing more often too :D