Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flood in May 2007

Well well i thought it was interesting. Compared to San Francisco getting earthquakes this was the first time i saw a flood with my own eyes. haha Me and Johnno didnt have any losses. Like the car was still working fine and our apt. is on the 2nd floor so all is good. It didnt break down. But the funny part was alot of the people we knew car's broke down. so Johnno was like a picker upper. He also got paid for it too.

This is all the aftermath

So this is the Pasha Bulker

When we had the flood the sand was going like a sand storm.

Really tall trees fell. There are three of them next to each other. I thought it was pretty wicked that they fell haha.

Abandoned cars were all over.

Poor dude no roof. . .

A piece of roof is in the tree. . . when we took this pics we had karma thrown back at us. Because when we were taking a picture of it. A car's hub cap came off and tapped Johnno's car. . .

The parking lot filled with water there was still cars in there . . . poor cars. .

All in all it was a interesting experence. . .

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